Alex Savva’s Supplementation Overview

PharmaFreak , Nov 6, 2015

You don’t need a ton of supplements to boost your results in the gym. The quality of your training and your overall nutritional approach is far, far more important. But a few strategic supps can definitely make a difference you can see and feel.

Maybe they’ll mean you recover better between workouts so that you can push yourself harder in your next workout. Maybe they mean you can hit those protein targets without feeling like you have to stuff yourself uncomfortably with food day and night. Maybe, after 12 weeks, they mean you can see a little extra definition where there wasn’t any before, which motivates you to keep going when others would quit.

That’s the power of supplementation. So let’s see what you’ll be taking during the FreakMode trainer. First, I’ll dig into the four essential supplements for any hard-training person, and then I’ll discuss supplements that are best suited to specific goals like fat loss or muscle gain.

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