Omar Jundi

CBBF Men's Physique

  • Height: 5'10
  • Residence: Vancouver, BC
  • Contest Weight: 178 lbs
  • Current Weight: 200 lbs

Omar Jundi (BIO)

Omar Jundi is Personal Trainer, Men’s Physique competitor and sponsored athlete from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Omar’s fitness journey did not begin until about 10 years ago. Prior to that, one would not consider Omar an athlete in any sense.  Throughout high school and university, where he acquired a degree in Biology from UBC and further a degree in Marketing, Omar was intimidated by working out and fitness in general. Upon completing college, he found himself gaining significant weight and going down an unhealthy path. He decided on New Year’s Day 2007, that would be his year to change his unhealthy lifestyle of drinking and partying.  Discipline and commitment allowed Omar to finish 6 half marathons over the next 3 years. During this time, while working in marketing and sales for a natural supplement company, he became more interested in not just endurance sports like running, but fitness, nutrition, and working out.  From this, it was a natural progression to get his Personal Training certifications and follow his fitness journey even more so.  It became clear that Omar wanted to coach and help others in positions similar to his to gain self-confidence to help them realize their fitness dreams.

After a successful few years of Personal Training, Omar decided to push his comfort zone borders even more and after a year of training, completed his first men’s physique competition in 2014. Soon after this show, Omar suffered an injury which kept him away from training for more than 4 months. This was a huge blow, after his first show especially that at this point, he was the fittest he had ever been. Omar was advised to take some time off from training in general, but instead, he placed a deadline to complete his second show within two years.  After an intense and humbling year and a half of training (and building his body all the way back from 0), Omar completed his second show in spring 2016. He ended up placing top 3 for Men’s Physique in his second show, the LBMC in Vancouver.

Contest History

  • 2014: Krack Classic BCABBA
  • 2016 Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic (3rd place)


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Back Day Workout:

• Bent Over Barbell Rows 1×15, 3×8-10  SS

• 45 lbs Plate Shrug Rep Outs (Slow and Controlled and good contraction on traps) 2mins rest

• Wide Grip Chins 3×10  SS

• Standing Cable Pullover 3×15 (90 seconds rest)

• Single Arm Hammer Strength Machine Row 3×10-12 back to back no rest

• Wide Grip Pull Downs 3×12-15 (full stretch and contraction, aim for the pump) 60 seconds rest

• V-Grip Rows 3×15  superset with:

• Standing Cable Rope Pulls to Face x15 (60 seconds rest)

Meal 1

1 cup egg white scramble w spinach, and tobasco

1 cup steel cut oats with chia seeds and cinnamon sweetened w truvia

1 cup black americano

Meal 2

Post-workout Shake 1 scoop of VEGAN FREAK, blended with frozen banana and 1 tablespoon almond butter

Meal 3

6 ounce grilled chicken breast with cajun spice on kale/cabbage salad

1/2 avocado

1 small baked yam

1 table spoon apple cider vinegar for dressing

Meal 4

Mahi mahi Fillet steamed

1 cup steamed broccoli

1 small yam

Meal 5

6 ounces Ground turkey lettuce wraps

As many romaine lettuce wraps as needed

2 tablespoons Bragss low sodium alternative

garnish chives, hot sauce, green pepper

Meal 6

2 scoops VEGAN FREAK



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