PharmaFreak is not carried at my local supplement store, where can I buy PharmaFreak products??

If PharmaFreak is not carried at your local supplement store, please visit any one of our amazing online retailers here.

Are PharmaFreak products safe??

Our products are absolutely safe and meet all Health Canada regulations and requirements. That being said, it is important to read the label of each product and to check with your medical doctor if you have a known medical condition or are taking prescription drugs – as that may interfere with the PHARMAFREAK product.

What is the source of the gelatin used in some of your capsules??

Our gelatin is made from a bovine source (cow) and is not from pork. If you do not choose to ingest the capsule, you can always empty the contents into water or juice, and ingest the contents that way.

Can you stack PharmaFreak with other supplements??

Yes, you can stack PHARMAFREAK products with other supplements. We suggest you take a look at our sister brand SD Pharmaceuticals for the most potent forms of single ingredient natural products. (For instance, try stacking RIPPED FREAK from PHARMAFREAK with Garcinia Cambogia 500 from SD Pharmaceuticals for an amazing weight loss stack.)

Can I take Ripped Freak or other PharmaFreak products if I am subject to drug testing??

None of our products contain ingredients found in WADA’s banned or prohibited list. However, it is always recommended that you consult with the personnel that would be administering the drug test to ensure that all THEIR guidelines are followed.

Will you maintain the muscle and strength gains you make after stopping PharmaFreak products? ?

Yes, but you will need to stay consistent with your weight training, continue to ingest the same amount of quality calories, and sleep a deep 8 hours every night.

How important is sleep when it comes to building muscle??

Ultra important. Ideally, you should get 8 hours of deep sleep every night. During deep sleep your body produces growth hormone, which increase your natural testosterone. Without growth hormone and testosterone you will have a hard time building muscle. Also, if you do not sleep well, your body becomes stressed and catabolic, which is the opposite to the desired anabolic state to grow muscle. So be sure to get your sleep. Check out GH FREAK to ensure you get a deep sleep tonight.

Are PharmaFreak products really the strongest??

Better believe we have the strongest products. Because we are dedicated to researching, developing and creating the world’s strongest supplements. We have a team of researchers that are constantly reviewing the latest ingredient research pertaining to dietary supplements and their efficacy on body composition, cognitive function and performance. We pride ourselves in using ingredients and dosages that are the most potent possible.

How do I become a PharmaFreak sponsored athlete??

Visit our Contact Us page and tell us why you should be an athlete for PHARMAFREAK. Be sure to include your social media sites with the number of followers and some great pictures of yourself.

What does it take to become a fitness model??

First and foremost, you have to possess the physique and overall look that fit the part. Take a look at the fitness models in Muscle Insider and Inside Fitness to see the kind of physique you will need to create. This can take years of hard work, discipline and commitment. Creating an elite physique takes a 24 hour, 7 days a week commitment to proper nutrition, deep sleeping patterns, and consistent weight training. We would suggest hiring a coach or personal trainer to help you achieve your goals. We believe everything is possible; it all depends on how badly you want it…

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