, May 27, 2015

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What happens when you always pursue your passions and you never settle? This is exactly what Alex Savva has lived by his whole life, always hungry, always perfecting his craft. The result is living his dream running two supplements companies and training studio. But it’s not all business, Alex devotes much of his time to his family, which includes his Son Achilles. Alex strives to be the fit Dad that can hang with his son when he’s well into his teens (even though Achilles is still a toddler)!

Alex’s training was never about looking the best for a short period of time, it came from a deep desire to be stronger and faster while heavily involved in martial arts – his first passion as a youngster. Alex’s gains came fast, and he soon became an award winning bodybuilder. Alex’s approach to fitness and training was inspired early on by his dad who introduced him to the legend Bruce Lee, and told tales of his cousins who were both bodybuilding champions.

This story started long ago, before Alex knew what an impact him and partner Don Gauvreau’s product Ripped Freak would have on the supplement industry. Before it grew into the award-winning PharmaFreak full line of sports products. Before the business expanded to the Single Ingredient line SD Pharmaceuticals. Before #FreakMode was a way of life. It was just the way Alex always lived, he never settled.

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