Ripped Freak Stack

  • • Supports fat loss
  • • Increases thermogenesis
  • • Supports rest and recovery

Ripped Freak® Stack

RIPPED FREAK® and GH FREAK® make for an amazing fat-loss stack. Freaky how that is. RIPPED FREAK® is a high-energy fat burner that’s designed to boost thermogenesis and calorie-burning during the day. GH FREAK® is a growth hybrid sleep supplement that’s taken before bedtime to support optimal rest and recovery! Win win.

What’s in the Stack


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Stacking Info

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Ripped Freak® - Hybrid Fat Burner

RIPPED FREAK® is a Hybrid Fat Burner – combining multiple mechanisms of action into one unique formula. RIPPED FREAK®’s Hybrid formula addresses key fat loss mechanisms in the body.

GH FREAK® - Rest & Recovery

Improve your sleep patterns and get greater rest and recovery with GH FREAK® – the cutting-edge Growth Hybrid Sleep Supplement that works!

Ripped Freak®

Take 1 capsule in the morning

GH Freak®

Take 3-5 Capsules once a day, at or before bedtime.

Ripped Freak® Diuretic

Take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules in the afternoon.

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