Why take a Greens Supplement?

PharmaFreak , Jun 17, 2015

Greens freak nutrition supplement on a counter with a greens smoothie

Making Greens A Part Of Your Daily Ritual

Not a fan of vegetables? You should be! Vegetables are full of all the good things you need to stay healthy including fiber, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. If you have been missing out on vegetables you could be preventing your body from making a full recovery, not to mention reducing your performance in the gym. The nutrients in vegetables can help cleanse and detoxify your body, but getting them in can be tough if you’re not a fan.  PHARMAFREAK’s GREENS FREAK is loaded with superfood phytonutrients; you’re getting the benefit from not just one or two vegetables but from multiple, all in a convenient single serving scoop!


A better question might be, what’s not in it.  This high potency powdered greens supplement combines nine different high potency, superfood blends including 38 unique ingredients such as Hawaiian Spirulina, Alfalfa for immune support, Barley Grass for high amounts of natural vitamins and enzymes, and Wheat Grass for detoxification.  It also contains nitrate rich Beetroot, digestive enzymes, liver supporting milk thistle extract, probiotic cultures, immune and adaptogen support ingredients.

Why Do You Need a Greens Supplement?

If you workout regularly and are following an intense workout routine, then you’re muscles are no doubt experiencing a build up of acidity. Add on a high protein restricted diet, that can also cause acidity and you’re dealing with an overload on your system, making it harder to recover from your workouts.  GREENS FREAK helps reduce acidity and brings back balance, putting the body in an alkaline state. GREENS FREAK can also help detoxify the body by providing it an array of phytonutrients that help combat oxidation brought on by free radical damage in the body from an intense workout. More about phytonutrients. 

What Should You Stack With GREENS FREAK?

Looking to improve performance, support muscle growth and recovery, while optimizing health and well being, then you will want to combine GREENS FREAK with VITA FREAK! VITA FREAK is a high-potency multi-vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplement pack that supports optimal health.  Together these two nutrient dense products combine for the ultimate health stack!


GREENS FREAK is easy to use, simply mix 1 scoop with about 8 oz of cold water and enjoy.  This greens supplement can also be mixed with a scoop of your favorite protein powder such as PROTEIN FREAK.

What Else Can I Do With GREENS FREAK?

Not sure what to do with your GREENS FREAK? Try making it into a smoothie.  Here is a simple smoothie recipe to blend up with your GREENS FREAK.


GREEN MONSTER SMOOTHIEApples being put into a blender cup with Greens Freak to make a smoothie.

1 scoop of GREENS FREAK

½ apple chopped into chunks

½ banana

1 cup chopped kale

½ cup cold water


Protein Boost – Add 1 scoop of PROTEIN FREAK

Blend all ingredients in a blender on high until smooth!  Enjoy!

Calories:  211 Cal Protein 33 g Carbs 26 g Fat 1.2 g




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