Meet Canada’s Newest IFBB PRO: Alicia Bell!

PHARMAFREAK Athlete, Alicia Bell, is an Online Coach and Toronto based Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Fitness Model, and Track & Field Sprint Coach. She has devoted her life to helping people reach their goals in health, fitness and sport. Alicia is also a well known Canadian Health and Fitness Influencer. In addition to her athletic endevours, Alicia has appeared as a fitness model in print magazines and commercials and has over 10 years of practical and educational experience.

Alicia also runs Train It Right, her own Personal Training business and Track and Field Club. Alicia is a regular health and fitness content creator for Fitness Republic and Corus Entertainment’s Wdish and is currently enrolled in the Canadian Sports Institute taking her advanced coaching diploma in Athletics.

But most importantly, Alicia is now an IFBB Pro!

At PHARMAFREAK, we’ve had the opportunity to see Alicia set (and subsequently crush) many goals, but this was the biggest one! We wanted to get the inside scoop on Alicia’s journey to a Pro Card and we figured it would be best coming from her!

Alicia Bell: At the end of 2017 I set a goal and wrote it down on paper, had an agenda printed with it, and put it on my mirror. It said “I will be an IFBB Pro In 2018.”

I had originally planned on taking it at the Arnold Amateurs but fell short placing 2nd behind the woman who would go on to win the overall. Next up was the Toronto Pro Show where I placed 1st in my class and narrowly missed the pro card in the overall. I kept pushing even though I was frustrated at coming short yet again and decided to compete in the Vancouver Pro Qualifier. My head was not in that prep and I placed 3rd in my class. I knew I didn’t bring my best, so the very next day I vowed that the next time I got on stage this year I was going to deliver a package that the judges simply could not say no to.

I worked the hardest I ever had in my life. I was thinking about doing North Americans and/or Olympia Amateur but I decided to pass on them and bring my best to the CPA’s first ever Canadian National Pro Qualifier. During this prep I had to push through some personal issues; at a time when many would have stopped, I decided to use it as fuel to my fire.

There were so many positive signs for this show: My number for the show was 213 (I was 2nd at Arnolds, 1st in Toronto, 3rd in Vancouver), my suit sponsor, Karen Phillips, was handing out the medals for my class, I had family in the audience for the first time ever, and my client was the overall trophy girl. While going into the show, Sean, my boyfriend and Coach, said “you look like a pro”. He rarely says things like this and that is when it set in that this might be my time.

After prejudging Sean came backstage with so much emotion and said “I think today’s our day”. I started crying and was so nervous for the finals, I couldn’t stop shaking. I managed to relax and keep a positive mindset going into the finals with my friends and my family (my cousin came all the way from Nunavut to see me, and no one in my family has ever seen me compete before).  To make it even more special, my client won her figure class and was going to be in the overall with me! What a huge coaching accomplishment. After the overall comparisons I held hands with her and my friend Tish, another competitor. When they called number 213 I was almost paralyzed. It finally happened. Everything I had been working towards all year, all the sacrifices I had made, all the time, energy and effort had paid off. I am now an IFBB Pro!

-Alicia Bell, Canada’s newest IFBB Pro.


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