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      Fat Loss Diets Part 5: Paleo Diet

      Fat Loss Diets Part 5: Paleo Diet

      What is the Paleo Diet?

      Paleo or the Paleolithic Diet, also referred to as the caveman diet or hunter-gather diet, is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals consumed during the Paleolithic era. The modern version of this diet consists of fish, grass-fed meats, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, seeds and nuts. Excluded are grains, legumes, dairy products (except eggs), refined salt and sugar and processed oils.

      The exclusion of all high sugar and processed foods is what makes this diet so successful. Removing high sugar foods results in lower and more balanced blood glucose levels which decreases insulin response and makes you less likely to store excess carbs as fat. Research shows that diets high in refined grains are positively associated with higher fasting blood glucose concentrations and a higher prevalence of the metabolic syndrome — a group of health problems that increase your risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. The Paleolithic Diet effectively addresses these types of issues.

      How Do You Use the Paleo Diet?

      The Paleo Diet breaks down as follows: 56-65% of energy from animal foods and 36-45% from plant foods. The recommendation is that you opt for macronutrient ratios high in protein (19-35%), low in carbohydrates (22-40%), with a moderate to high fat intake (28-58%). Because of the restrictions on dairy and grains, this diet can be a bit more challenging to keep up with then other diets. The Paleo Diet means that easy protein sources like whey and yogurt and carb options like oatmeal are off the table. It takes planning and, for some, supplementation to get all the nutrients your body requires.

      What Can You Expect?

      The Paleo Diet has a similar macronutrient ratio to most diets that result in fat loss and muscle-building–high in protein and low in carbs. Research supports the use of low carbohydrate, high protein diets to stimulate fat loss, reduce cravings, induce satiety and lower the insulin response while also maintaining lean muscle. The restrictions of this diet can result in more prep work than you might be used to, but the result is rapid fat-burning and weight loss.

      What Supplements Should I Use on a Paleo Diet?

      Because it can be difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs while on the Paleo Diet, we recommend incorporating a complete source of protein like VEGAN FREAK. VEGAN FREAK also includes a superfood support blend to fuel energy production and overall health. If you’ve struggled with this type of restrictive diet in the path, VEGAN FREAK can be the key to sticking to your resolutions and reaching your goals this time around!

      To learn more about our vegan supplements and how they can help you reach your weight loss goals here!  



      Who is PHARMAFREAK?

      Bonded through their mutual love of chemistry and fitness, the perfect compound was born. Don Gauvreau (The Supplement Godfather) and Alex Savva (The FREAKMODE Trainer) founded PHARMAFREAK® in 2008, and this duo made it their mission to offer some of the most potent and effective sports supplements in North America. Made with premium, clinically-validated ingredients and the highest level GMP quality control standards, PHARMAFREAK® is a dedicated industry leader in research, development and creation of superior dietary supplements.



      Whether you’re looking for testosterone boosters, fat-burners, pre-workout or sleep aids, PHARMAFREAK’s goal is to help its customers reach their fitness goals. Offering a proven, four-week FREAKMODE training program – designed by Alex Savva himself (@MrRippedFreak) – to achieve maximum results, PHARMAFREAK offers more than just dietary supplements. Including training programs, workout plans and nutrition guides AND dietary supplements, PHARMAFREAK® was established to transform the lives of professional athletes, weight trainers, gym-goers, or anyone interested in general health, wellness and seekers of healthy and active lifestyles.


      Potent Products

      With both Savva and Gauvreau offering over 10+ years of experience in the dietary supplement industry, PHARMAFREAK® was created in response to consumer desire (and their own desire) of more potent products. Savva and Gauvreau both felt there was a gap in the industry, as neither of them were able to enrich their nutrient-intake, hormone levels or sleep patterns with the appropriate supplements that would allow them to fulfill their workout goals. With backgrounds in Science, Kinesiology, Certified Strength & Conditioning and Physical and Health Education, these two fitness FREAKS had a vision and were able to use their knowledge and experience to make educated improvements to health, fitness and supplement industries.


      FREAK Goals

      Designed with sport and physical training goals in mind, PHARMAFREAK’s variety of supplements support competition training and physique, muscle growth, quality of sleep and performance – including strength and agility. Including many keto and vegan-friendly options, PHARMAFREAK® makes being a FREAK accessible to anyone (and everyone).

      What is Peak Physical Performance?

      What is Peak Physical Performance?

      What is our potential?

      Over the past 3 decades we have seen exponential improvements in understanding what we are capable of as humans. Records have been broken and seem to be broken every year in the Olympics and professional sports – sometimes with controversy. Athletes are willing to go to incredible lengths to push their body’s to new heights and it has fuelled our industry to find better, safer and sport-approved methods of unlocking our maximum capabilities.

      Peak Physical Performance refers to an individual who has reached the maximum or near maximum capability of the human body when it comes to health and physical fitness. This can be very sport, skill or ability-specific, but it means much more than raw strength alone and is truly achieved in combination with mental toughness, intelligence, stamina, agility and speed.

      Achieving Peak Physical Performance for the average person who is not solely dedicating their life to this pursuit can be challenging, however, we can all learn from these elite athletes and their achievements in order to become stronger, faster and mentally tougher.

      This post is the first in our series of a topic we are exploring called “Biohacking,” and we will cover how we can all achieve our own Peak Physical Condition through:


      To help your body deal with the large volume of training you’ll need to do to reach peak physical performance, your diet will need to be dialed in. There should be a dietary focus on foods high in protein and healthy fats, whereas processed, sugary, and junk foods should for the most part be avoided.


      Training will take center-stage in the journey towards peak human condition. Most of those in peak human condition have a background in sports for a reason: many sports such as basketball, sprinting, triathlon or soccer require vast amounts of cardio performance which can vary from low-to-medium intensity all the way up to high intensity.


      Training hard each week will take its toll on the body, which is why most high-level athletes will regularly get remedial massages, stretch or follow a yoga routine.

      Mental Toughness

      The running theme of this article is that peak physical performance isn’t built on brawn alone. The mind can both promote or limit your performance depending on your mindset.


      Today, we want to help you biohack your mental toughness by thinking about the following key points and supplements to support you:

      • Being confident – compete with yourself. This means believing in yourself and your goals, and consistently trying to be better than the person you were yesterday. This being said, confidence means accepting that growth doesn’t always happen exponentially- setbacks may occur but remain confident and collective enough to not doubt yourself or naysayers.
      • Concentrating – being in the now makes a huge difference in being able to get the most out of your training time. Not only because you avoid wasting time, but you also focus on your form, movements and rhythm more acutely. This will help you avoid injury, but also focus on training more efficiently.
      • Having goals in mind – use visualization techniques, and implement goal planning from larger to smaller day to day goals
      • Discipline and perseverance – working out even when you don’t want to or when you don’t see results

      We want nothing but continuous gains and progress for you, which is why we created Focus Freak. Everyone from gamers to bodybuilders understands that having mental clarity and mental focus helps boost your physical performance dramatically. This clean and science-backed supplement is guaranteed to give you more mental energy and focus, while boosting your mood and levels of clarity. Save 10% when purchased with GH FREAK 2.0 before Thursday, May 16th, 2019!

      PHARMAFREAK® Quality Control

      PHARMAFREAK® Quality Control

      What is GMP?

      Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. The main risks are: unexpected contamination of products-causing damage to health or even death; incorrect labels on containers, which could mean that patients receive the wrong medicine; insufficient or too much active ingredient which results in ineffective treatment or adverse effects. GMP covers all aspects of production; from the starting materials, premises and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff. Detailed, written procedures are essential for each process that could affect the quality of the finished product. There must be systems to provide documented proof that correct procedures are consistently followed at each step in the manufacturing process – every time a product is made. The World Health Organization (WHO) has established detailed guidelines for good manufacturing practice. Many countries have formulated their own requirements for GMP based on WHO GMP. Others have harmonized their requirements, for example in the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), in the European Union and through the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention.


      Why is GMP important?

      Poor quality natural health products and supplements are not only a health hazard, but a waste of money for both governments and individual consumers. This is why PHARMAFREAK goes over the top with safety, cleanliness and production quality standards, to ensure that you can trust every single product we deliver.


      Poor quality medicines can damage health

      A poor quality medicine may contain toxic substances that have been unintentionally added.  A medicine that contains little or none of the claimed ingredient will not have the intended therapeutic effect.


      GMP helped PHARMAFREAK become a global leader in the industry 

      Most countries will only accept import and sale of medicines that have been manufactured to internationally recognized GMP. Governments seeking to promote their countries’ export of pharmaceuticals can do so by making GMP mandatory for all pharmaceutical production and by training their inspectors in GMP requirements.


      Is GMP necessary if there is a quality control laboratory? 

      Yes. Good quality must be built in during the manufacturing process; it cannot be tested into the product afterwards. GMP prevents errors that cannot be eliminated through quality control of the finished product. Without GMP it is impossible to be sure that every unit of a medicine is of the same quality as the units of medicine tested in the laboratory.  


      Why don’t all brands implement GMP? 

      Making poor quality products is cheaper and faster. Many brands and products in the natural health and supplement space are only around for a short time to make quick profits.  

      In the long run, it is more expensive finding mistakes after they have been made than preventing them in the first place. GMP is designed to ensure that mistakes do not occur. Implementation of GMP is an investment in good quality medicines. This will improve the health of the individual patient and the community, as well as benefiting the pharmaceutical industry and health professionals. Making and distributing poor quality medicines leads to loss of credibility for everyone: both public and private health care and the manufacturer.  


      PHARMAFREAK works to strengthen GMP 

      Our manufacturing and research and development teams are constantly working to improve the global GMP standards, crack down on brands and facilities that put our industry and you in danger and doing what we can to continually increase the high standards that we operate within to produce the world’s strongest supplements and natural health products. 

      TEST FREAK® 2.0 – The Most Advanced Test Booster Available

      TEST FREAK® 2.0 – The Most Advanced Test Booster Available

      WHAT IS IT: 

      TEST FREAK ® 2.0 is a clinically proven formula designed to increase natural testosterone levels. It has 7 NEW ingredients working alongside testosterone production to reduce estrogen and cortisol levels. It delivers muscle support, strength, growth, recovery and even aids with sexual performance and libido!  


      TEST FREAK ® 2.0 features 7 NEW test boosting ingredients designed to take your testosterone and training to another level by providing insane muscle support, regeneration and growth. This gets you stronger, faster and  better, all while helping maintain your libido and sexual performance! 





      TEST FREAK ® 2.0 has everything you know and love from the original TEST FREAK :


      • Targets the hypothalamus and pituitary to stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone.


      • This works with fenugreek and also targets the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular (HPT) axis to induce natural testosterone secretion.


      • This ingredient helps decrease dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which results in increased


      • It increases the release rate of “free” testosterone from its binding hormone, sex-
        hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG).


      • Resveratrol, hesperidin and apigenin are three of the most potent natural anti-aromatase ingredients available! Research shows that these ingredients have potent anti-aromatase properties and prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. They even prevent aromatase activity at the gene level. (Aromatase is the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen.)


      • Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a critical role in testosterone production. Research shows that the combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 can help athletes maintain higher testosterone and growth hormone levels during intense training periods.


      In addition these ingredients you love, we’ve added 7 new key ingredients to add to this supplement’s potency:  


      • This adaptogen increases the number of Leydig cells- the cells in the testes that produce testosterone. 


      • Aloe increases stem cells in the reproductive system and stimulates the activity of Leydig cells. 


      • LJ100 works via a unique mechanism of action to increase the release rate of “free” testosterone from its binding hormone- sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG). It also blocks excessive cortisol. 


      • NAC has an antioxidant effect in the reproductive/hormonal system (testes) when combined with selenium. 


      • Selenium has an antioxidant effect in the reproductive/hormonal system (testes) when combined with NAC. 


      • It has a stimulatory effect in the growth and proliferation process in the testes, as well as an ability to increase the activity of spermatogenic cells. 


      • Through an anti-inflammatory mechanism, bromelain is shown to maintain testosterone levels in athletes.