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      New Athlete Alert:


      • Stats: 6'10" 330lbs ripped
      • Location: New York (Born in Moscow, Russia)
      • Age: 32 years old
      • Accomplishments: PHARMAFREAK Athlete, Actor & Bodybuilding Champion
      • Favourite quote? Nothing is impossible!
      • Favourite bodypart to train? "I like to exercise my back and legs. Even though I am a giant, I am proving to myself and other people that height doesn't matter."
      • Weekly training split? "I have workout 7 day per week. No excuses."
      • Favourite cheat meal? "Lately, I don't like to make cheat meal. But if I had a choice, I would eat a huge scoop of vegan ice cream. I prefer to do the occasional take refeed."


      • Back/Back of the shoulder/biceps
      • Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
      • Legs


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