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      Get Stacked And Crush Your Workouts With Our New Pre-workout:

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      STACKED FREAK 3D Pre-Workout - Mango Peach
      Helps support:
      • Enhanced pumps for maximum muscle fullness and vascularity
      • Laser-focused concentration to crush your workouts
      • Sustained energy to power through even the toughest training sessions
      • Advanced absorption technology for optimal nutrient uptake
      • Delicious taste and effortless mixability


      PUMP FREAK Complex

      • Citrulline: Supports blood flow, performance and recovery.

      • Betaine Anhydrous: Helps support nitric oxide and exercise performance.

      • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Replenish electrolytes and sustain endurance.

      • Masson Pine Bark Extract: Support cardiovascular health and oxygen delivery.

      • AmentoPump: Derived from Amentoflavone, has shown vasodilatory effects.

      • Turmeric Root Extract: Can have beneficial effects on blood vessel function.

      MIND FREAK Complex

      • L-Tyrosine: Enhance focus, cognition, and mood for peak mental performance.

      • Choline Bitartrate: Fuel neurotransmitter synthesis for razor-sharp concentration.

      • Caffeine (as Caffeine Anhydrous and Di-Caffeine Malate): Ignite energy, alertness, and thermogenesis for unparalleled drive.

      • Theobromine: Elevate mood and cognitive function without jitters or crashes.

      • L-Theanine: Promote calmness and mental clarity amidst intense workouts.


      • AstraGin: Amplify nutrient absorption and gut health for maximum efficacy.

      • BioPerine: Enhance bioavailability and nutrient uptake for optimized results.

      Welcome to STACKED FREAK 3D - the ultimate pre-workout solution developed in collaboration between PHARMAFREAK and Stack3D.com.

      After months of meticulous testing and refinement, we've crafted a formula that delivers unparalleled results, helping you push past your limits and crush your fitness goals.

      STACKED FREAK 3D is engineered to optimize your performance across every aspect of your workout. Experience intense pumps, laser-focused concentration, sustained energy, and elevated mood, all in one game-changing supplement.

      Don't Settle For Mediocre Workouts. Elevate Your Performance With Stacked Freak 3d And Blast Through Plateaus